Monday, July 30, 2007

East Coast Trip Last Weekend

I love east coast beaches. So last month when dear hubby said there would be a trip to Awana, Kijal planned by his office, i was quite looking forward to go. We decided to drive there though the his office provided bus for this trip. As much as i like to travel but i just detest packing or unpacking, but it needed to be done anyway. And my heart was a bit heavy as we had to leave my oldest son behind as he had his monthly exams. We left for Kijal at about 11 am on Friday. We decided not to use the highway, we used the inner road. Some of our friends who travel frequently to the east coast told us that this route is shorter and more pleasing to the eyes. True enough for someone like me who is so used to KL-Seremban Highway, I was so taken with the beautiful kampung houses , the dragon fruits farms, hills and hills of palm trees and rubber trees and a sneak of tea plants under rows of coconut trees somewhere in Rompin. I only associate tea plantations with Cameron Highland.

We had late lunch at R and R Bandar Muazzam Shah which cost us a bomb. Maybe i was expecting that things should be cheaper in small town but boy...was i wrong. But the ikan kembong goreng tepung was very yummy so do not really mind the price. Gambang - Cherating road was under major construction, so not much to see. Once, we entered Cherating areas, we could see so many sign boards of small and big resorts, keropok lekor stalls all the way to Kijal. We could smell the sea breeze and at times the wind was quite strong. The weather was pleasant throughout our journey and we reached the resorts just after 4.30. We checked in and the room was comfortably big enough for 4 of us with 2 double beds, nice bathroom and beautiful view of South China Sea and the big pool of the resorts. The kiddos were so excited to get into the pool and though i thought i needed a little shut eye after the long sit in the car, i went to the pool with them and got the towels and just sat and read the NST beside the pool.
We had lovely BBQ dinner.
Saturday morning after early breakfast, my husband had the team building activities and the children and i just lazing around at the pool. We had buffet lunch and the kids spend their time in the pool ...again. Sunday morning, the husband and the second son had early breakfast as they would be participating in telematches. I went down for breakfast just after 8.00 am with the younger boy. While walking to get a cup of coffee, i faced a very familiar face. I was so stunned i froze for awhile. I collected myself and managed a pitiful suprised smile to the Nik Aziz the MB of Kelantan. He was with a few gentlemen. When i sat at my table, i took a glance toward the group and was hoping to see Husam Musa or maybe the Kickdefella guy. But both were not there. Then i went to the beach to give my support to my boys, big and small. After the prize giving we went up to the room, had a short rest, packed to check out.

Dad and son prepared to start the challenge. Angah after receiving prize, Angah quenching thirst, Angah and Baby counting sweets..


Dad of Four said...

The first time I saw Nik Aziz in person...I was a bit stunned too...He looked calm and humble! I'm sure that is always that calm and humble.


sounds like a great time.

and what a nice thing to have bumped into nik aziz.
we can talk a lot about Pas.. but I have long understood why Nik Aziz is loved by a lot of the Kelantan people.
he practises what he preaches. simple humble man.

after reading about your holiday, i must make sure i go for a ebach holiday after my children's exams.