Monday, July 30, 2007

Continue - East Coast trip

Dad and son preparing for tug of war, the last challenge for the telematches event.

The trip home was almost the same except for the fierce rain when we just entered daerah Rompin after Bandar Muazzam Shah. The rain was very heavy it became scary as the trees were swaying violently and managed to avoid a fallen tree without the hubby losing control of the car. I was quite pissed with some drivers who did not on their vehicles lights in that pouring rain. On KL-Seremban highway, many times I got irritated with the drivers who would on their hazard lights at the slightest drizzle. But here they didn't even on their lights in the torrential rain....sheesshh......Anyway, we were safely home at about 8.00 pm on Sunday. The trip was good but i missed my own old bed. I slept like a log last night.

Lovely sunrise from our room.



lovely sunrise....

kalau in sabah, kita mesti nak catch the sunset...