Sunday, June 28, 2009


Last Monday i was telling myself that my kitchen would be very quite last week. The only confirmed order was wedding favors for a few hundreds of assorted muffins to be delivered on Saturday. Then later that evening an sms came inquiring about my cheese blueberry tartlets, the girl wanted them on Saturday and to be delivered to Kuala Pilah and i told her I was not free to deliver. She changed the delivery to Friday. I said ok. She paid me online just an hour later after the sms. Alhamdullillah.....
Tuesday, a call came in asking if i could make a birthday cake for Saturday do. I said only a simple deco cake and she had to collect the cake from my house. On Wed night she and the daughter came to the house to talk more about the cake. I was very nervous as from the discussion, the party was going to be a grand one. I told her that i couldnt spend too long on the deco, simple sweet deco suitable for a 3 years old was ok, and she agree. I was relief but she added with 150 pcs of fruit tarts. After she left that night i was doing mental scheduling for my baking and slept soundly as i felt God is very generous to me.....
However, on Friday after making the tartlets dough and pressed it in the individual molds, the tap went dry.* plan went into the drain....after fetching the boys from school, baked the tartlets and delivered them to Kuala Pilah in the evening. I went with a friend and there we found one kopitiam serving nasi campur and i had a mean assam pedas kepala tenggiri....
Coming home from KP, the tap was still dry. I was worried, but i didn't panic. The water only came around 8 in the evening. I baked the 3 kg cake, while waiting i made the fruit tartlets dough and pressed. For 150 pcs i had to make 2 recipes of the dough. By the time i baked the tartlets bases, the time was already showing 2.00 am. I went to sleep as i knew that i was going to be on my feet the whole of next day. True enough....i woke up, send my hubby and angah to KTM station at 7.00 am and i started to deco the cake, i am not good at butter cream deco, this simple pink deco took me more than 2 hours to finish....then made the custard for the tartlets. Had brunch with my youngest boy. Started to cut the fruits for the tartlets, assembled them and sms the customer once done. After they left with the cake and tartlets, i took half hour rest. And i forgot to take the picture of the tartlets..btw, i had too many pictures of it anyway...

Then i started baking the muffins, packed them and only leave Seremban to Klang at almost 6.00 in the evening and that too i forgot to take the pictures he he.....

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

This and that......

This entry is long overdue. Before i started typing the story, i saw the message on the lost siblings. I did an entry for that and i had no mood to continue with this one after that. I kept on checking the email for the latest status and this morning(24June), i heard the children were safe. I was so happy.
I usually wake up around 5.30 in the morning, send hubby to the bus terminal at 6.00, came back, wake the boys up and send them to school at 7.00. Depending on the mood or the condition of the house, i would either start doing the housework or i continue my slumber he he....and this morning i slept and woke up again at 9.00....first thing i did was on the lappy, had a shower then checked the email. Saw the good news, updated the previous entry and went out to Seremban town for breakfast. For a very odd reason, after the breakfast i went to this shop along Singapore Street ( not sure whats the new name)....and wallaa i saw these gems in between the dusty plain white dinner wares....after some bargaining, i was a happy gurl carrying a box into my car.

This fried behoon was our dinner on the Father's Day evening. Requested by the father.

Birthday cupcakes collected by the Raeff's mum on Friday evening with the muffins, Banana Choc Chips and Strawberry Jam Muffins...Now its the in thing to have edible images on the cupcakes or cake.

Delivered this Choc Crumble cheese cake to Putrajaya with the books below. Putrajaya is surely a quite place on weekend.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Help to find these missing children..........Found

Update: Alhamdullillah...anak2 ini telah di jumpai. I dont have the details but i am just relief everything is fine. Thank you all.....and thank you God.

Nadia Natasha 8 tahun dan Ahmad Zakry 10 tahun, telah hilang dari rumah di Sri Putramas, Jalan Kuching, KL pada 22 Jun 2009. Kali terakhir dilihat pada jam 7malam 22 Jun. Sebarang info sila hubungi Puan Miza di 013-345 5661. Terima kasih.

Nadia Natasha 8 yrs and Ahmad Zakry 10 yrs were missing since 22nd June 2009, last saw at Sri Putramas, Jalan Kuching, KL at 7pm. Please call Puan Miza at 013-345 5661 if you have any information. Thank you.

Semoga anak2 ini selamat dan kembali ke pangkuan ayah dan ibu mereka....

Friday, June 19, 2009

My Angah....a guitarist in the making??

My hubby gave his old guitar to my 2nd boy. The guitar is more than 20 years old. So far the enthusiasm is still there so whenever he feels bored or nothing to watch on tv, he will strums quietly in his room or shows off a little that he know to me.....anyone can guess what song he was playing?? First to give right answer will get nice cheese cupcakes the next time we meet .....enjoy the clip

Monday, June 15, 2009

What happened on last weekend of school holidays...

The house feels so quite. All the 3 boys are in school. Last Wednesday hubby bought a few working shirts in Sogo but when he came back he just noticed how shiny one of the shirt was. He decided to change it and i told him to do it on Friday as i was so wanted to go the Sogo area after Mrs. N's posting of Jalan2 Masjid India here.

In spite of one cupcakes order for hantaran due on Friday, I told hubby i would fetch him from work and we would go to Sogo after that. So, early Friday morning after sending hubby to the bus stand, i baked the chocolate cupcakes. I let them cooled off half an hour later while i blogs hopping. When the boys woke up, went to have breakfast of roti canai and tose. Came home and started to deco the cuppies. Put on the fondant top on all 25 as ordered. The cut offs flowers were done the night before, so were the hearts. As the clock showed 12.45 pm, took a break by sending the boys to the mosque for their Friday prayers...they could cyle, but it was a hot day. Furthermore, i love the cendol selling in front of the masjid. I dropped them off and my Angah bought the cendol and i went home. Continued to decorate the cupcakes, and just finished when my Angah called saying they were done. The Abang wanted to walk home but i told them i would fetch them.
The customer collected the cupcakes at 3.30 pm beside Giant behind my house and the boys and i left for KL right after that. I took my time driving along the Sban - KL highway as hubby only finish at 5.30. Still, we arrived his office a good half hour earlier we just yakked and waited for him in the car. Hubby drove to Sogo as hes more familiar with the roads around his office to avoid Friday evening notorious traffic. I remembered from one article about shopping is best done with a full stomach, i told the whole gang to have early dinner at Insaf then shopped. The place was half full and we ate beriani rice and chicken for the boys, i ate beef with hubby. Then i shopped at Jakel as the boys and hubby went to Sogo. I had not bought material for baju kurung for so long, i really have lost touch in choosing the nice ones. Hope i made a right choice he he...then i went to Sogo's supermarket to get ingredients for my tartlets demo class on Saturday morning. I got strawberry, oranges, kiwi, tuna and a few others, and waited around there for the boys to finish shopping with the father.

Saturday morning, woke up at 4.00 am, baked the tartlet bases and cupcakes for a birthday do. While waiting for the cuppies to bake, i cut the edible images of so cute Hanna. When the cuppies cool down, decorated them with the images. As i was cleaning up the mess and getting ready to go to Amore for the class, my sister and the husband came from Pilah. They made me late going and i felt so guilty toward the participants of the demo session. 1001 apology to you all.
Below are the pictures of the demo session at Amore-eBake in Oakland Seremban 2( i copied from Amore blogspot here). But i did need their hands to finish the bases of tartlets or else the session would take the whole day. I enjoyed sharing the knowledge with them and they were a very inquisitive lot. They asked a lot of questions which i find it enlightening. It was quite an interactive session. I have to thank the owner of Amore, the kind and gracious lady Puan Nur Adriana for inviting me to do the demo in her shop. I hope i will do this again soon.

After the demo, with Puan Nur assistance, i had to assemble an order of 2 boxes of fruit tartlets which i needed to send together with the birthday cuppies to Paroi Jaya at 3.00 pm. Thanks again Nur and after that off i went home, collected the cuppies and with hubby we went to look for the house. The cuppies and tartlets were handed over in a heavy rain. Went home after that, took a shower and had a 15 minutes nap. Woke up and paid a visit to my hubby's aunt and uncle who just safely home from the Holy Land for an Ummrah. At 6.45pm, we rushed to Kolej Mara to fetch my niece who attended a seminar for PMR students. She stayed with us that night and i send her back to the Kolej at 7.30 am on Sunday. Her parents fetch her home later in the evening. It was a leisure Sunday all the way after that.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Something to share.......

The guy in the picture is my older brother. Since my dad passing, this brother is the one who sort of 'looking' after us the rest of the siblings. I had not seen him and his family for so long, i had dream about him a few weeks ago. Been wanting to go for a visit since, but i only managed to see him and family in Bkt Beruntung last Sunday. I was shocked to see that he had lost so much weight. He is having problem with a back ache from a slip disc. I almost cried when i saw him, didn't know that i missed him that much.
When we reached the house, my sisters from Kg Pandan were already there with my niece and her 3 daughters, the youngest is only 4 months old. I was very glad i made this trip. While sitting down quitely at the passenger side on the way home in the evening, my mind went to one day in the 70s, just before my late dad was transferred back to Kuala Lumpur from Kota Bharu. I was maybe 10 years old and this brother of mine maybe in form 1, he came home after maghrib after playing soccer. He was laughing when he entered the house and whammmm...he got a loud spanking from my dad for being home late. I may not agree with my dad's way of disciplining us when we were kids, but now when i saw young boys and girls loitering around shopping complexes, or at the side of the road at night or late evenings, i just wonder if parents nowadays are so lack in making sure the kids' safety. I maybe wrong, but with so many children being raped, kidnapped and others, maybe my dad's way was right after all....

Enough of a very serious topic, before the trip to Bkt Beruntung on Sunday, this cute cuppies set was send to someone near Senawang on Thursday.
This white with red hearts topping on 1kg butter cake, was collected infront of KTM station on Friday.

The green decorated cupcakes and plain ones in plastic were send to Chabau in Melaka on Saturday. I made a huge mistake on this order and i hope i could make it up to the person soon. Please accept my sincere apology. I am going to discountinue accepting large order for this plastic casing at its very difficult to handle. Lastly, this set was delivered to Tampin on Saturday night. Green seems to be the popular theme color this time.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A little bit of this and a little bit of that......

Last week on Thursday evening, i was on the MRR2 driving to hubby's office to deliver the lovely fruit tartlets. Then hanged out at one of the mamak shop with my boys while waiting for hubby to finish work at 5.45 pm. Had teh tarik while the boys ate roti canai and my eldest had rice as he had not taken his lunch after he finished school.When hubby came to the shop, he had his teh and we left for Jalan Raja Laut to deliver blueberry cheesecake and chocolate moist cake. We got stuck in the after office traffic and hubby was swearing under his breath he he....

Then we went to Kajang to deliver this Wedding gift and tried the new highway "LEKAS" to go back to Seremban. However, the highway ended at Mantin and we used the old road to Seremban from Mantin. On the way, we found a nice Tom Yam Restaurant and had our dinner there. On Friday, i baked 1 set of cupcakes and 2 big cakes. The cupcakes were send to Senawang on Saturday morning as an engagement gift.

After coming home from Senawang, i did Liverpool cake. The cake was collected quite late in the evening.
Then I covered this cake with cream fondant and arranged the sugarpaste flowers on top. Delivered the cake to Panchor for an engagement gift also.

I rested awhile after coming home from Panchor and then i baked 4 big cakes. Started to decorate and stack this 3 tier cake from 8 until almost 12.00 am. Delivered this cake for a wedding reception in Lukut, Port Dickson on Sunday morning. Decorated this butter cake with butter cream and sugar paste flowers on Sunday morning after Suboh. After coming home from PD, woke the boys up and we headed to Kuala Lumpur. Handed over the cake near the Ampang Tesco then we headed to Karak Highway to go to Cherating.

We were in Cherating until yesterday evening. I didnt do much for this trip. Hubby and the children did the packing and i did mine only on Sunday morning itself. I just lazed around in the hotel room, while hubby entertained the boys at the pool, at the beach and around the resorts area for whatever activities that the boys did. So thankful to dear hubby for being so wonderful....Isnt God is Great??