Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I am in love with this 2 young guys......

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Its July already..........

New addition in the house called Ozzy .

Hi all.......half year of 2010 gone.....time really flies. Been neglecting this blog for awhile, no particular reason actually. April has always been a strange doldrums month for me as 12 April was my dear other half's birthday. Nothing special done to celebrate the date but he knew all of us in the house was grateful to Allah that hes with us.
Then on the 25th April was the 3rd year of my dad passing.....this year that week was tough on me as I kept on thinking about him and worst that the hubby was away for the whole week made me felt so vulnerable. I put a brave front when the boys were around but in the room i just felt like going under the blanket and slept away the blues....Came May and with everything in sight was highlighting the Mothers' Day, the thought of my late mum made me feel a bit lost. However, the visit by the youngest sibling of mine from Selama Perak brought laughter into my house when we reminisced old times and shared tales of children and spouses(openly he he ) .... and oh ya...my older sisters, with families left for Makkah on 28th May and orders for my sweetlittlethings products, kept me busy , therefore May and June just swooshed by and today is already 4th of July.

Being awhile since i last share my kitchen products i.e dishes cooked....

Cili api ketam and nenas Cili api daging and kentang

Tempeh goreng
Kerang rebus
Kicap cili to eat with kerang
Taugeh tumis kicap

Laksa before the gravy
Laksa with the gravy
fish curry

Enjoy this picture now and i will be back soon......