Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The new kid on the block and order received.....

I tried to pick him up from the ground, he ran under the car. I looked around for dear hubby but didn't see him nearby. I heard a slow meow....he was at my feet looking up to me...i tried to pick him up again, he ran under the car again.....I gave up on him and left to look for dear hubby to go home. I was at the market and this tiny kitten running around my legs but i had problem when i wanted to pick him up. The moment i saw my hubby driving toward me, i heard the small meow again....he was staring at me, i bent down to pick him up he just curled himself in my palm and i brought him into the car. The rest is history...we called him Hitam @ Blackie. He is so playful and so 'manja' even hubby will take time to layan him before going to work early morning. He used to sleep with me but i think he got tired being kick down to floor by hubby as he liked to sleep at the edge of the bed. Now he favorite sleeping place is under our coffee table in the living room.

He like to do this before going to sleep

Watching chickens outside the house.

Hes favorite past time.
Hes favorite sleeping position.
A few days after di 'pungut', sleeping on my bed.

Here the pictures of a few order i received.

Anniversary cupcakes, orange cupcakes with choc ganache topping and sugar paste flowers and alphabets.
Vanilla cupcakes with buttercream for birthday do.
Vanilla cupcakes with sugarpaste flower for 'merisik'.

Birthday cake for Mamat, 11 year old.

Carrot cake with cream cheese topping for makan2.

3 year old girl birthday cake. orange cake sandwiching blueberry filling.

Engagement hantaran, thank u Murni semoga kekal hingga ke jinjang pelamin.
Choc moist cupcakes for wedding favors

Drying the sugarpaste flowers for 2 tier wedding cake.

Top level orange cake with blueberry filling.

Lower level cake was choc moist cake with blueberry filling
The assembled wedding cake for a snapshot before delivering it to Sikamat.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

For future new mums

The folded bengkung is called Bengkung Silang (RM50.00)
The rolled bengkung is called Bengkung Jawa (RM40.00)
Prices including postage.

The Jawa Bengkung is 8 meters long.....

Feel free to contact me at this number 012-323 8894 or email me at

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Barut and bedung baby.....