Friday, June 27, 2008

Peanut butter cupcakes with buttercream rosettes...and nostalgia fried rice.

These cupcakes were for Siti Sarah, my husband's niece. Shes going to pursue her degree in University Malaysia Terengganu. I did not know where the university is so i asked Uncle Google. Apparently it is inTelipot....She was happy receiving the cupcakes but i could sense she was nervous as well about going to start the next journey of her life. I pray that she will do well....Sarah, if you really give your best, Mak Lang knows you can do it...I used recipe from Wilton book for these cupcakes.

Why i called this fried rice nostalgia, because i saw my friend's maid fried the rice this style when i was in Form 4. I loved it so much i got her maid to show me how she fried the rice.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Carrot cake, tarts and dinner dish.....

Received an sms on Wednesday last week, requesting to deliver a carrot cake to someone. The sms was from Zati, who runs a bakery in Pekan, Pahang. I have been admiring her talent on cake decoration and enjoy her writing in her here. She also writes Malay novels. I re-learned many malay words which i seldom heard from her blog. The cake was to another writer whom i only found out later just won an award for Novel Remaja category( pls correct me if i was wrong)....I was excited but at the same time nervous, when fulfilling this request. I hope Nisah and family enjoy the cake.
This is currently my oldest son's favorite dish. Daging dendeng, Chef Wan's version which recipe i followed from his book, " Sedapnyerrr....".

These were Blueberry Crumble Tarts. One thing that i can say these things were so yummyy even my father in law loves it......Some one order just the tart base, and i made these with the balance....

Monday, June 23, 2008

Just a note after a year of blogging

Borrow my son's birthday cake picture for this posting.
A year ago i started this blog just for fun and just to write about anything i wish. I did not expect anything else...a year later, i have gotten to know many friends through this blog. Those who shared the same interest with me and some who does not. Some i have met in person and i am glad that i did because all of them are a wonderful people...who say internet is bad.....its depend on how we use it right??

I thanks all kind visitors and appreciate your kinds words.....

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Masak lemak cili api pucuk paku......

When i parked my car at the parking lot of Ampangan market this morning, i sat in the car trying to figure out what to cook for today. I was in the car for almost 10 minutes before i decided what to buy and of course i off the engine, with the price of petrol that we have to pay now a little bit of saving goes a long way right??. I had not decided but as i entered the market i saw the most beautiful pucuk paku (jungle ferns/ferns shoot) at the first stall. See the first picture, how beautiful the pucuk paku is, but its not cheap either. One small bundle was RM1.00 and gotta buy 3 to get a decent amount to make the gulai. The lemon grass was RM0.50, the chili api was RM2.00 and the ikan bilis was RM2.70 per 100gm.
I pounded some cili padi, fresh tumeric, a bit of the ikan bilis at the end as i didn't want the ikan bilis be too fine. I roughly bashed 2 lemon grass. Put the cleaned pucuk paku in the pot, threw in the pounded ingredients, lemon grass, 100ml thick coconut milk with 1 cup of water and i used coarse salt as in the picture below. Let the gravy boil and stir often so that the gravy wont curdle.

after - The cooked gulai ready to be consumed.

P/s, English words for pucuk paku when i googled - jungle ferns/ ferns shoot

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Fathers Day to all the dads reading this entry........

Selamat Hari Ayah (Happy Fathers Day) to all the guys entitled he he he. As for the father of my children, no really celebration at home as we do not have enough quorum to do so as my 2nd boy is away for his scout activity. But, i left the menu for yesterday lunch and dinner to the father as we would be going to Nilai for a wedding at noon. He wanted fried yellow mee for lunch.
He requested Mexican feast for dinner. Clockwise, the end corner is the tortillas, the chicken fajitas with grilled yellow onion and green pepper, salsa and guacomole....yummehhh and healthy ha ha ha

Monday, June 9, 2008

Malacca Zoo and far away orders......

As busy as he was, most of the school holidays my husband would try to get a few days off to spend time with the boys, either by going somewhere or just lepakking with them around the house. We would drive to Kuala Lumpur for movie and had nice food in Chillies or where ever the boys fancy. If we went somewhere further, usually it would be to the East Coast as i love the beaches there and of course the fresh seafood.....However, my husband just could not take leave during the recent school holidays, he suggested a day trip to Malacca last Saturday. We left for Malacca about noon and looked forward to have yummy chicken rice in Sg Udang, but sad to say the shop was closed ..haissshhhh we ended up eating asam pedas in one of the warung around the area...the food was not bad but not fantastic either.....Then we visited the being kids, they enjoyed the walk around the Zoo and the many animals.

While walking and yakking with the kids, i received sms from fellow blogger in Tanjong Malim asking to bake some cakes and muffins for her. Adoii....i said to myself, i was flattered that she requested me to bake things for her but a bit nervous as she is an avid baker the above pictures were my master pieces ha ha ha....the cupcakes for the husband's birthday, the carrot cake with cream cheese frosting but i didnt get the picture of the muffins as i had posted the pictures of the same muffins in earlier entry here. She wanted them to be send to her son's school near Senawang on Sunday. We met briefly and it was a very pleasant meeting. Felt like meeting an old long lost friend...she is one sweet young woman ....I hope she and family enjoyed the cakes and the muffins. Tun, if you read this hope to see you again soon...make sure you make it for lunch at my gerobok ok??

I had also planned to meet a fellow blogger in Malacca my dear ms hart, but she was in Kuala Lumpur enjoying the P. Ramlee theater....never mind hopefully next trip to historic Malacca, I would be able to see her...

Friday, June 6, 2008

Hellooooo........have a muffin day ha ha ha

A lot had happened since my last posting...1001 apology to my kind lappy went kaput for awhile and i just got it back last night....Been busy baking a lot of muffins like the babies in the picture....But that were meant for my boys' tummies. I will come back with more stories soonest possible as i need to do a delivery of 2 huge bags of muffins....till then ...muahhhh