Monday, July 23, 2007

Bowling - family outing

My older 2 boys love bowling. The youngest one still say the ball is too heavy for him. So, whenever we go bowling, he just watch the rest of us throwing the bowling ball and praying miracle to happen that we would get a strike. The boy in action is my second son. My other half and i enjoy bowling too.



you know, bowling is one game i can never perfect.
kalau i dapat strike tu, it is a sure fluke.
other times, masuk longkang.
berapa banyak kali i bowl, tak pernah terror. tak consistent.
bowling is really a good thing for family bonding. i took my kids. they all pun tak pandai. but, just the togetherness is really wonderful.


take care

zaitgha said...

i am not good either but the kids father and i are quite competitive people he he...bole merajuk jugak kadang2 bila kalah, bila menang suka pulak taunt him he he....typical woman eh?