Sunday, July 22, 2007

Dadih @ yogurt??

A few months ago, while having my usual morning chat with my mum in law, she asked me if i knew how to make dadih...i told her i did not. I saw these thing being sell at many roadside stalls and during ramadan but never really think about making it. She said kids love it and she wanted to learn how to do it. So i went to Pak Google and google the word 'dadih' and Pak Google said these thing originated from Indonesia, its yogurt make from buffalo milk...then of course i found the many version of the recipes. Basically, most recipes call for milk, sugar, agar2 and some flavoring and colors. With this knowledge i told my mum in law but she was adamant no agar-agar in the making of version of dadih. Since some people told her that no agar-agar is used. Just a mixture in a packet. Not wanting to argue with her i went home and tried one of the recipes. Then i gave her to try and she said the taste and texture was similar to the ones that she tasted before. But she still insisted that the friend told her that no agar-agar used to make this, only some powder mixture in a packet!!...

In my next trip to get my baking supply suddenly i saw so many packets hanging neatly against the shop wall with the words "Serbuk Dadih Buah-buahan" staring at my face. I took one of the packet and looked for the ingredients and true enough the words agar-agar were listed. Haa...the prove i can show to my dear mum in law i said to myself...i bought one and showed it to her and she just nodded. I think some people do not read the ingredients when they bought this kind of thing. However, one think i notice, kids really like to eat these especially if its kept in the fridge for awhile. I made earlier with the recipe i got from the net and the second time with the mixture from the packet, i think the first time version was better.
Anyone with recipes of dadih beside the pre-mix powder like the picture, i hope you dont mine sharing it with me....



i havent really tried enough dadih to know whether i could enjoy it.
but, after this, i will be looking for this packet that you showed.
looks really yummy.
thanks for posting this.

My Food Adventure said...

Do you mind sharing your first recipe found from the net? I've tried the premixed packet dadih but it was tasteless to me... still have many left in my fridge.


zaitgha said...


I will have to look up on my recipes notes ya..

My Food Adventure said...

Thanks Zaitgha... truly appreciate that!