Tuesday, July 24, 2007

David Tutera's Southern Fried Chicken.

Channel 11 of Astro is one of my favorite. I watch Jamie Oliver shows, Nigella, Anthony Bourdain, Surreal Gourmet, Surf the Menu and many others. At times the kids would hide the remote from me. Somehow i don't exactly remember what time and day these programs will be on. By chance while flipping channels only i watch them. Lucky me, there many repeat for these programs. One other series which i like to watch is Party Planner with David Tutera. Always amaze with his creativities and the passion he has. Most of the time he would meet the caterer of the party food and show the audience how to make some of the food serve in the party that he help plan. In one show the theme requested by his client was Southern theme and the chef showed how to make typical southern fried chicken. It was so simple i manage to jot down what he used to fry the chicken. I gave this fried chicken a try last week and you can see the reception by looking at the hand in the picture lol.....just eyeball the ingredients and you cannot go wrong here...

David Tutera's Southern Fried Chicken

Your favorite chicken parts
a little bit of cayenne pepper
salt and black pepper to taste
some flour

Clean the chicken and dry with paper towel, rub the chicken with cayenne pepper, salt and black pepper, dredge the chicken with flour and fry in a very hot oil....10 mins on each side and the chickens are done.


kina said...

yummy yummy

alahai sedap nya nampak

i luv the choc crumble cake tu

sunnguh menggiurkan.. kekekekeee

lemme try dulu...

See my cake baking trial part 1 at my blog ye... promise dulu... not to laugh ok?

Azian Hasan said...

salam perkenalan, found your blog from Kak Ena's Jalan Sudin blog. Wah, one more gang I said. I just started blogging and reading your blog inspire me more. Must try your choc crumble. perhaps we can share share recipes over here kan.

azian or yan
p/s, you have three boys ya. I have three girls.



sama-lah kita, zai. i jarang watch TV. And when I do, I will surf the channels. Channel 11 astro is where I stop when all other channels are a bore.

I will definitely try this fried chicken recipe. i have quite run out of fried chicken recipes.
indeed, so apt for parties..

thanks again,zai.
remember.... we have a date...(tak tahu bila lah tu..)