Friday, January 18, 2008

Heavenly chocolatey.....hmmmmmm

My Monday this week started well enough with me having breakfast of rawa tose in Senawang with a dear friend whom i had not seen for about a month. We usually meet twice or three times a week just to keep our mind sane as both of us are not in the group of working women anymore. When i fetched her at her home i felt my heart was so heavy and as we shook hands and hugged each other i was just overwhelmed with emotion, i could not hold my tears. I did not realise i missed her that much. She sort of being my confidante since i decided to be a domestic engineer. My 2nd boy always said that he pity me as I only have one friend here in Seremban ha ha ha. We yakked while savoring the tose and of course i did most of the talking.
i am using this picture of hers as i did not get her
blessing to put up her picture here he he......

Then i dropped her off and went home as the guys from the kitchen cabinet shop were on the way to fix the table top for my kitchen cabinet. They were quite efficient, they finished just in time for me to go and fetch my 2 younger boys from school. As i did not cook for lunch the boys wanted roti chanai. We went to the mamak shop in Seremban town. Finished eating, we got into the car but the car would not start. No sound at all not even a click when i turn the key to start the thing led to another, i gotta changed the car battery. I got my friend to send my boys home first....waited for the guy to change the battery and i was drenched when i got into my car to go home after paying him. Got home my youngest son said his room was flooded from the leaking roof. Mopped the floor dry and the back was that time i was just too tired to do anything else. I left everything after that to dear hubby he he.... and went to sleep.

Tuesday, to de-stress and forget what had happened on Monday i decided to bake chocolate cupcakes. Its turned out so lovely and yummy, i was so pleased with myself. So no more stress since then he he.....

After coming out from the oven

Simple decorations


Akmal said...

Kak Zai,
Both of you must be a very good friend eh?
Hey, I love anything chocolate, but this one makes makes hungry la kak. Looks very nice in the eye, sure nice in in the mouth too hehehe.
Have a nice weekend kak.

ms hart said...

zaitgha, you are so cute!! senang aje nak de-stress ek? sebab tu i tak pandai-pandai buat kek, tau...selalu tak jadi and so, stress lah!! bukannya de-stress!! ha ha ha

L'abeille said...

Poor mamma, not easy being a domestic engineer eh. Thank God hubby can help :)

You have a nice weekend!

zaitgha said...

yes we are good friends...and its nice in the mouth too...i wont cook twice those not nice food he too have a good weekend

ms hart,
cute??woihh...old folk like me not cute no more lah he he....masa kerja dulu baking la cara i de-stress bila tension lagi2 bila tension dgn boss ha ha ha

like most men, at time they are the gems but sometimes they can be a pain in somewhere kan? ha ha ha

MamaFaMi said...

Yummy yummy!!!

Anonymous said...

x sia sia datang jauh untuk belajar, praktis selalu, nanti blog ni akan dipenuhi dgn cupcakes entry shj-lynnhassan

Zawi said...

The kitchen must be done by now. Let us have a look.
KB Part 2 is posted and specially dedicated to you n jt. Pics of police barracks inside. Come in for a nostalgic look.
Take care.

zaitgha said...

yeah....yum yum

dapat sifu bagus, student very motivated he he

Pak Zawi,
will drop by soon...cannot wait to see tempat bermain he he

drNO said...

chocolate always help in any situation, be it sad or happy...or sleepless night..:)

kc said...

what a way to de-stress oneself - bake cupcakes! i so know the feeling of being a domestic err engineer. my post is dapur officer cum home manager minus the gaji n other perks!

meeting old chums once in a while mmg bagus punya terapi - we so need the time-out kan?

U.Lee said...

Hello Zaitgha, ada lagi your cupcakes? Betual chantek tu. And chocolate.
Women's weakness.
By the way, sini in Canada kalu nak chari pasal, call a guy "hey cupcake", you better be good at running, ha ha.
So, your kitchen semua suda siap? Bila opening ceremony, masak your world famous chillie padi crabs?
Hantar telegram bila masak tu, ya? Lee.

zaitgha said...

dr no,
yeap ....chocolates are favorite of many

a ah...we need times out but just for your info i only knew this lady just before i quit my job...God send i can say as all my other friends are in KL....

i ada udang nenas only so far since the new kichen completed....come over later....

drzeze said...

dear sis,
thanks for your visit kat my blog.
wah very interesting here...bleh selalu singgah..busy ehh?
take care.

zaitgha said...

dr zeze,

yeap ...bloghopping when free...not really bz...normal routine lah

do drop by again and take care ...

merpati66 said...

salam ton....walaaaaaaaaaa cun melecun your cc tau...hebat tabik spring dah leh open tender nie..hehee

zaitgha said...


thanks and kalau2 ada order kat you from seremban boleh la refer kat i ek??.....

elle_labelle said...

Kak zai - wahh.. menjadi cun cc sungguh menyelerakan...!