Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Selamat Berpuasa

My late mum version of Rendang Daging Chili Api. When she passed away in 1991, my younger sister whom we fondly called Acik took over cooking this rendang. I did not have the confidence to cook this dish until last year after I moved to Seremban. With my sister guidance via sms and phone calls, I managed to cook this rendang. Now with practice, this rendang makes quite a regular dish on the dining table. Do not need special occasion to cook this dish as everyone in the house just love this rendang...and like my second boy said, the hotter the better....

To cook this you need,

1kg beef
1kg coconut milk
RM2.00 worth of long bean
50 sen worth of chili padi - more if you want a hotter dish
5 cm of ginger
7 cm of fresh tumeric
3 cm galangal
1 bulb garlic
10 red onions
6 lemon grass
3 pieces tumeric leaf
salt to taste

What you need to do with the ingredients,

Cut the beef to small pieces and across the grain of the meat( if not the beef would be hard). Wash the beef, drain the water and put the beef in big wok. Let the beef boil for a few minutes while blending all the other ingredients except for the coconut milk, long beans and tumeric leaves. Then pour all the blended mixture into the wok. Let it boil and simmer until the water reduce to half. Pour in the coconut milk and again let it boil and simmer until the liquid almost dry. Do not forget to stir the rendang every few minutes to ensure it wont stick and burnt. Best is to use medium heat flame. When the liquid almost dry up, put in the long bean and tumeric leaf. Can just tear up the leaves and chuck in the wok but i personally prefer to finely cut the tumeric leafs. Stir and let the liquid dry up.

Serve hot with white rice or lightly toasted bread....

To all Muslims brothers and sisters, Selamat Berpuasa


Zawi said...

I saw the pic. Then I saw the ingredient. Instantly I know I can cook this dish. I hate it when I find certain dishes need ingredients that are hard to get or I dont know what it is. Though sometimes we can do without the particular ingredient, certain ingredient cant be done without. Imagine doing a rendang without galanggal. The dish wont taste like rendang at all.
Thanks for sharing the recipe. I will try the dish soon.

Azian Hasan said...

Wow! must try this recipe.Dah lama i cari....cili padi must be wonderful..tapi bulan puasa ni tak berani nak makan pedas2, perut tak berapa nak tahan.

zanaz said...

emmm sedap je rupa rendang tu. betui le lagi pedas lagi best..zana pun cengitu gak.

kina said...

My MIL ada masak this once, using chicken gizzards, sedap!



the rendang looks s good...

selamat berpuasa,!