Monday, September 10, 2007

Alamak....i got tagged...

first time here goes ...

5 items in my handbag( not a handbag woman unless i got out beyond Seremban)

-a handphone
-a comb
-a lip gloss
-a few pens
-a lip liner

5 things in my purse

- my boys old picture
- my youngest boy's tooth( i forgot to throw it on the roof b4 being tagged, now no more)
- cash
- mycard/atm card
- a few name cards

5 things in my favorite room( the bedroom)

-my hubby 3 guitars
-a clock
-mineral bottle on the bookshelf
-books and magazine
-a high chair (for my husband to enjoy his guitar)

5 things I would like/love to do :

- to write like 3540
- to go back and visit where i used to stay in the States
- to learn Mandarin as i look more chinese than malay
- to open a cosy cafe
- to perform Haj

5 things I'm currently doing :-

- trying not to worry too much about my dad in law who currently recuperating in CCU GH Seremban
- trying very hard not to be a naggie mum
- thinking about the coming Ramadhan and Raya without my dad for the first time
- thinking about how best to renovate my kitchen with minimum RM involve..ha ha ha talking about the impossible here...
- wondering how late my big boy gonna be home today as he went to visit rumah kanak2 istimewa organize by his school(he scolded me for using rumah kanak2 cacat...pardon me)

not going to tag anyone else for now....



salam Zai,

i'm sure glad i tagged you. you did real great.

and ayoyoyo.....saya dah muka malu..i am so flattered that u mentioned 3540. so sweet. thank u.

selamat berpuasa!

zaitgha said...


why should you be malu? i really would love to write like you do but i just do not have the knack for it so i just enjoy yours he he......

selamat puasa to you too...