Monday, September 17, 2007

Mee goreng

My husband and I decided to do some Raya shopping for the kids last Saturday in Kuala Lumpur. At first we were thinking of having our breaking fast in Cozy Corner in Ampang Park but we did not have the restraunt phone number to call. Then my older brother called and telling us to break fasting at my sister's place in Kampung Pandan where my dad was staying in until he passed away last April. We always gathered in this house at least twice of more a month when my dad was around. My younger sister fondly called Acik would cooked for a feast and we would ate alfresco at the driveway of the house. I did not take the picture of the mee goring that she did that day , the picture was taken when i fried the mee at home. Should taste similar as we inherited the how to from our late mum....

Just eyeball the ingredients as I cooked mine to cater for my always hungry rascals at home. Sometimes i feel that i am feeding piranhas in the Amazon especially if the food suit their taste buds ha ha ha....

Here what i need:-
15 - 20 dried chillies - soaked in hot water and blended
6 red onions - blended
3 cloves of garlics - blended
2 cm belacan/shrimp paste - blended
( i usually just add all these and blend away in a blender)
2 - 3 tbs oil
100 gms shrimps
green mustard
fish balls - cut into half
bean curds - deep fried and cut into small pieces
bean sprouts
1/2 cup of tamarind water
1 cup of beef stock ( just air rebusan daging)
2 eggs
2 small begs of yellow noodles

What i do with these:-
Heat the oil and fry the blended mixture, fish balls and the shrimp for a few minutes. Pour in tamarind water and let it simmer, put in beef stock let it boil and throw in green mustard and follow by the noodles. Stir to mix evenly. When the liquid almost dried out break the eggs and stir again, then throw in the bean sprouts stir and off the fire. Serve hot

p/s this dish is very flexible, you can add slices of beef and chicken too. I do not used bean sprouts as my boys loath them but i put the fish balls tho i dont like them in the mee but the kids just love them...hmmmm what we do for our kids ya.....




mee goreng is an all-time favourite anytime, anywhere.

your mum's recipe is lain sikit dari yang biasa.

i will try it....

take care.

(alamak....ada di KL, ya? lain kali sms, atau call kita-lah)

zaitgha said...


my mum version yg lain tuh bcoz letak air asam jawa...dia tahan lama and mmg kena dgn our taste bud...kalau bihun pun sama but letak minced taucu sikit...pun yummy

bkn tak nak contact but when the whole gang bang went up to KL, we had to make full used of the day he he ...lagi pun difficult to talk with the boys tagging along....nanti i calling2 u