Thursday, September 27, 2007

Pizza anyone??

Feeling like eating something different for breaking fast today, i asked the kids what they wanted to eat while driving them to school in the morning. They decided on pizza. I like to eat outside for breaking fast once in awhile but only at the place where we could book a table. So that we could be at the restaurant just maybe about half an hour before the time to eat. Last year we could not find a table at one when we went there just slightly after 5.00 pm!! And i hate just to sit around in a food joint to wait for breaking fast. Therefore I decided to bake the pizzas myself...i had stayed away from making pizza before because of the kneading part. But today i rather knead the dough than just wait in the Pizza Hut nearby. Lucky me though, while browsing the net in the morning i found this site where i found a recipe for pizza dough which the kneading would be done by a mixer...yay i said to myself...browse here for the recipe Pizza At Home

So the pizzas were well received by my boys. I got 3 extra large pizzas from the dough. Had to improvised on the pepperoni by using normal sausages by Ayamas. But the tomatoes sauce that i made was really good. I did not follow any particular recipes, what i did was, i threw in 5 - 6 medium size red tomatoes in food processor and pulse the button 3 times, i chopped 1 medium large onion, 3 cloves of garlic - minced, 3 tablespoon of olive oil, half teaspoon dry oregano and same amount of dry basil. I heated up the olive oil, fried the onions and garlics, threw in the processed fresh tomatoes, added 2 tablespoons of can tomato paste, salt to taste and let it simmer for a few minutes.


Anonymous said...

U forgot abt the mozarella?..heyyy..whats a pizza without one... Then again, i ingat dulu pernah sekali makan home made pizza...twas so yummy sampai terbuntang..ha ha ha. Setahun lepas tu tak nak sentuh pizza lagi...ekekeke.



zaitgha said...

alamak....yer la i missed the must have ingredient ha ha ha....yeap..i used 250gms mozarella grated cheese for these pizzas....thank you sir and very alert of you ....

cheers to u too, is it too early to wish you Happy Bday?