Thursday, September 20, 2007

Nurin Jazlin

Read some blogs, online news and saw the papers. Police said the girl in the sport bag is Nurin but the parents quite adamant its not her. They are going to do another DNA test, we have to wait for that results. Meanwhile we have sweet little girl lying motionless and the beast doing the inhumane acts toward her is still at large. To me all little girls around her age are sweet and i fear for their safety. My day almost did not move after I read Rocky Bru's blogs today. I cried and cried until the tears just stopped dry.

Al Fatihah to little Nurin and may you rest in peace...

update at 2.30 pm .....
from Rocky Bru's, Girl in the bag is Nurin

In Search of Nurin Jazlin,

I have a son her age and i do not know how i would be if the same happen to mine. I really cannot imagine how the parents going through the days without knowing what happen to their little girl. I saw them on the news last night and my heart really goes out to them. I pray for the girl safe return.

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I pray for her safe return....

Anonymous said... ..

he got a boy with him ???