Monday, December 10, 2007

Mee curry and guitar......

On Saturday night, my hubby and i had our outing without the kids. We went to Ju*co in Seremban 2 and browsed the bathroom fittings area. Half an hour later we ended sitting at one Kopitiam in the mall and my husband had a bowl of delicious curry mee. Yours truly had toast with chicken curry. Apologised for the mee curry picture as i used my crappy hand phone camera. And i am introducing my husband's 2nd wife ha ha ha.....Beautiful aint it? I love to hear him plays his guitars almost daily. He will at least strumming the guitars for 2o minutes after long hard day in the office. He has 2 others beside this but this is so far the 'prettiest', see quota is full already ha ha ha. I remember how he lugged this beauty in the monorail from Bukit Bintang station to the one near the Maju Junction .....and mind you he doesn't play sentimental song with this baby ......


Dad of 4+1 said...

ur hubby is like my bro....! He has a few electric guitars, keyboard.etc you name it...! And he doesnt play sentimental songs too!

zaitgha said...

now my 2nd son is catching up with Dio, Van Halen and many more....Black Sabbath lagi ha ha ha

thanks for the visit

Zawi said...

Now we have 3 musicians already inclusive of your husband. Mat Salo is an accomplished drummer while acciaccature is a qualified musician who plays the violin as well as a few othe intruments. Boleh la jam dalam blogersnite one day.

U.Lee said...

Hello Zaitgha, I love curry mee. With lots of bean sprouts. Fortunately there are quite a few foodcourts here selling them, and very delicious too.
Pity here no Malay restaurant, Indonesian a few, very nice too.
I love your hubby's guitar. So, he sits outside with you and does a moonlight serenade? Ha ha.
What songs he sings to you? "You are always in my heart"?
I have a Victor Garcia Flemenco guitar, (not electric though) already 30 years old, my then SYT, now my wife bought it for my birthday. I still treasure it and once awhile will play some simple tunes for her.
I wish I had learned to play the piano when young as love piano music.
Your kids play the guitar Zaitgha?
By the way, ask your hubby whether he has heard these tunes, "guitar boogie, Ghost riders in the sky"?
Zaitgha, next time you cook pineapple asam lemak or fried rice in pineapple, send me telegram, ha ha.
You keep well, Zaitgha. Lee.

U.Lee said...

Hello Zaitgha, keep an eye open for your postman. I think he ada something for you and your hubby.
You have a nice day, Lee.

kina said...


Rockstar nih!

I remember the days when we went for a summer concert in San Diego for Metallica.

Woohooo! Those were the days... wherever I may roam...

ms hart said...

wow..!! u rock, babeyh!! and a cool 'madu' too...!!! ha ha ha

Jun :) said... under renovation, can go honeymoon la...!

Akmal said...

Kak Zai,
Whoa, good combination! Curry mee + Guitar, Memang Rock!
I enjoyed piano, actually, but never know how to play it.
Good day(",).

Ummi said...

Hai zai, how r u? Long time no c..haha..wah u tgh kemas dapur baru ke? How'r the reno progress? (*cam nk wat laporan projek lak ummi ni..hehe). Zai, when ur new kitchen is ready, I can imagine that u couldn't sleep at night, always thinking what to cook for the next day...haha..Kalu u xleh masak2 lagi, jez come to my house je lah ek! Leh kita masak2..!