Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The love of my life....my boys

To typical mothers in the world, our children are everything to us. They are our joy and our sorrow. What we would not do for them ya..... We beam with pride for their achievements and hold and sooth them when they are down. They have our unconditional love and we do our best to give them the best.....
Pity them ya...gotta sleep in the living room while their rooms are being hacked down for a little extension. I asked them to stay with the grandparents just across the big road near the house they refused. Maybe too comfortable in their own territories.

The younger one was eyeing the abang's nasi lemak during breakfast, the long hand belong to the dad pinching the yummy mamak's fried chicken. The dad is boss anyway, so can pinch but the adik just 'buat muka seposen' jer la ha ha ha....
This picture was taken earlier this year when we were at Bukit Merah. Time sure flies as we are approaching 2008 in a few weeks. The younger two boys had gain a few more kgs since then.


L'abeille said...

"There's no place like home" ;)

Anyway, I'm so excited for you guys! A brand new renovated home soon... Yay!

Zawi said...

Shower them with all the love that you could muster. Soon they will leave home one by one, to pursue their own lives, bring up their own family and having them to come back home will be a luxury only people like me can feel.
Cherish it while they are there.

JUN said...

Zai, siannyer..but, dats true eh! there's no place like home..hehehe. u know what, i luv hat 'this is not pak lah' one! hahahha
o ya, i tagged u! just a simple one..jgn mare...

U.Lee said...

Hello Zaitgha, Being a full time mother is one of the highest salaried jobs in any field, since the payment is pure love.
And Zaitgha, one good mother is worth a hundred teachers.
Yes, love your boys, they will love you back and someday soon, their children will have you to carry on that mother's love as a grandmother.
No love is as great as a mother's love, there are no boundaries, no obstacles too great for a mother especially one by the name of Zaitgha.
You keep well and have a nice day, Lee.

U.Lee said...

Hi Zaitgha, Holy Smoke! Is that you in the profile pic? Oh boy! Your hubby sure know how to pick his women.
You look...look...gorgeous, real cool too in that YSL sunglasses. Way to go, Zaitgha! You're cool! UL.

Zabs said...

Seperti yang selalu terlalu di papan tanda apabila ada sesuatu projek hendak dilaksanakan, "Maaf atas ketidak selesaan ini, demi untuk kebaikan anda di masa hadapan".
Itu yang anak-anak dapat terima sedikit kesusahan itu. Salam.

U.Lee said...

Hi Zaitgha, Wa, to reply your comment in my pondok, you wearing RayBan's? 1st lady I meet after 12 years wearing RayBan's. YOU are my good friend from now on.
Wait, wait, ....nothing dishonourable thoughts, no need tell your husband. But why I say that?
I have been wearing RayBan Aviator glasses with gold rims since age 19! Yes...I have since that age never worn any other brands.
Even today I have three, Rayban for reading, RayBan for looking at women, Rayban sunglasses, half tint of course. Cheh! Ada style this old man, heh heh.
Other styles, brands, fashions will go out of style after 5 months, but RayBans? NEVER!
Julia Roberts, JLo, Brad Pitt, Antonio Bandaras, Salmah Hayek to name a few all pakai Rayban's too.
It was a movie with John Wayne as a fighter pilot wearing that RayBan aviator sunglasses that got me sangkut, and I was 19 then, and today slightly south of 65, still wearing Raybans...
the day I change to another brand, my isteri sure call the police say a strange man in her bedroom, arhaaa ha ha.
I have been seduced, threatened, scolded 'old fashioned', no standard..whatever, by girls and women...want me to keep up with fashion. Suda la! I still kept wearing RayBans.
My male friends all change brands every 8 months and go broke. I don't change, I save money, I get the girls...they think I MAS pilot or fighter pilot, arhaaaa ha ha.
Have a nice day, Lee.
ps, you sure look real cool in them glasses.
Pssst, don't tell your husband I said that. Ha ha.

Zabs said...

Tumpang lalu.
Lee, do agree with you. I have been using Raybans sun glasses dari muda lagi. I would buy a new one not because dia dah out of fashion, tapi b'coz terlalu lama pakai, nanti ada orang kata kedekut nak beli sun glasses baru pulak. Right Lee?

kina said...

cant wait to see the new kitchen.

are you putting in an island as well?

i luv to have that, tapi my kitchen is kecik molek only, tak muat.

NaNa said...

Hi Zaitgha,

I guess nothing beats own room at own house.

My mother-in-law complained that lately my 6-year old daughter is not as eager to sleep at her house as she used to. She told her grandma that she will miss us and her pillows.

When I heard that.. I couldn't help smiling...

U.Lee said...

Hi Zaitgha, mind if I tumpang your place here reply to Zabs.
Yes Zabs, RayBan's never go out of fashion or style since 1940.
Waa, I bet you look cool wearing yours.
Yes...get a new one, but must be aviators, more stylish.
Women wearing RayBan aviators look really wild and ahemmm, alluring.
Good, now I have two friends wearing RayBans.
You keep well, Zabs. Lee.

maria a samad (kak ton) said...

Hi Zai

So how much longer before the renovation is completed?

I know how your boys must be feeling. Rather unsettling, I am sure, but there's nothing like home, home sweet home kan?

I remember when I had mine renovated four years ago - wasnt a massive renovation - but the whole "exerise" took four months. In the meantime we had to eat out almost everyday.

Fortunately, I didnt have growing up kids, only my grandson, Adam, who was happy to spend his time during the day at my dad's.

zanaz said...

cute boys....yg 1st and 2nd tu nampak seiras tapi yang youngest tu lain skit yek rupa dier...rupa k/zai kot?