Thursday, September 11, 2008

Lazy menu for breaking fast.......and UPSR

Last Friday, my 2nd(Angah) son told me that parents can wait in the school canteen during the exam. My reaction to that statement was " Huh? For what"...his replied " Ntah cikgu cakap....". I did not take leave when my first born took his UPSR in 2005. I got curious , on Tuesday i dropped him and the younger one(Baby) at the school at abt 5 to 7.00 am. After sending the Abang , i went back to see Angah.....true enough i saw many parents were waiting for their children and they were as anxious as the poor kids. When i saw my Angah, told him to do his best, read the questions carefully , take the time to answer the exams but always be aware of the time, i left for home. While driving home i was wondering why the number of Mat Rempits are increasing every year. Do we over pampering our children or putting so much pressure to our young kids. As for me , i think my Angah would know when to sharpen his pencils and at the same time he has my 'doas' even when i was not in the school compound.

Some of the menu to break fast..... Ikan tenggiri berlado
Labu Lemak Putih
Fried tempe


Waterlily said...

Hi Zaitgha

Landed here from Ms Hart's air corridor.

Worry about the influence of Mat Rempits? I think we've to have a degree of trust in our children, but of course with doas, like you said and supervision and love of course. Kalau di control sangat, jadik la macam ayam, kalau keluar reban...alamat payah lah nak menangkapnya balik. But Qada and Qadar sapa tau kan?

Zaitgha, I just love your food blog, and all your recipes here as well. Your sambal belacan looks Err..that cupcakes tu, boleh courier sampai Abu Dhabi tak..? ehehehh..terliur ni..

Min said...

Salam Zai, best of luck to your son in his exam ye. Dont worry, mesti result ok tu.

ms hart said...

Larhling, the world needs more mom like you - cool! I liiiike!! Now many kids are suffering all sorts of unexplainable illness. Eventually they link it back to...what else? Stress! So tak payah lah kita, ek? To quote one friend, 'Orang dolu-dolu relax aje. Anak diorang jadik jugak Perdana Menteri!!!' ha ha ha

U.Lee said...

Hi Zaitgha, betul la torture bila saya datang sini....alamak oiiii! Tengok tu ikan berlado....I can't even remember when I last had it....
One of the reasons (apart from the women, ha ha) I had many Malay friends was because I love Malay cooking.

And when I was a bachelor always escaping in time from SYT's with strong maternal instincts, a girl secretly asked her Malay office friends teach her Malay cooking.
Itu la dia, habis cherita....hilang la my Bachelor's degree, ha ha.

How's your RayBan? You pakai bila driving? Hmmmm, I bet you look real glam too, ha ha.
You have a nice day, Lee.
Pssssst....bila you make kerang curry or anything with clams send me telegram. Ha ha.

zaitgha said...


Nice of you to land here...i am honored....later i do the tag ya. its not really the influence of Mat Rempits that i worry so much but i was wondering with so much attention and all that the school done to the children still a lot of the kids graduated to outstanding Mat Rempits every year, thats all....

as for sambal belacan tak lethal tak panggil sambal ha ha ha and courier the cupcakes to Abu Dhabi? it would be crumble in the cup by the time it reached there he he...if you were back home let me know....then we can arrange something


dah sat for the exam i que sera sera jer results tuh he he

ms hart,

takut ter over cool jer he he...just teringat me that age, no stress happy jer dok huha huha all over the now with tuitions, extra classes, and mcm2 lagi....i yg stress he he

hi Lee,

long time no see...a rayban lady is always a rayban lady ha ha ha....i got something for u later...