Friday, November 30, 2007


The mess surrounding my i wish i have magic like I dream of Jeanie....a blink of the eyes, i would have gotten my dream house ha ha ha.....i think i am having baking/cooking withdrawal symptoms.......siggghhhhh


Zawi said...

Just bear with it for awhile. Two weeks is not a long time. When done you will have a whale of a time decorating it. I hope the cabinets is included in the renovation otherwise you will have to bear another round of messy kitchen.

Ummi said...

Wah Zaitgha, it looks that u'll have your dream kitchen big enough! Hehe..surely u'll have fun while cooking n baking..Btw, I dah tag ur blog addr with mine...Nice meeting u...

hart-to-heart said...

Hi talented cook! I pun suka baca blog u. Rasa macam kenaaaal je tapi sebenarnya tak pernah kenal. Just that, I have a friend yg rupa2 macam u and the way u write, i rasa macam dia cakap! Tu yang rasa familiar sgt! Anyway, I suka mak2 macam the clever one..and the rajin also..huh? and i envy your ability to bake! i masak, orait. tapi baking2 lemah...maybe lepas baca blog u selalu2 ni, boleh rasa motivated, yah? Tq.

zaitgha said...

Pak Zawi,

what i cant stand is the dust on the many time i sweep the floor, a few hours later i can feel it under my feet...but like you said got to leave with it for short while....and yes the cabinet would come in together....cant hold the aching of baking too long ha ha ha

my dream kitchen would be something like Jamie Oliver's especially the one with whole in the middle to throw rubbish in he he he...girl can dream ek....just wanna a practical kitchen where i would feel at ease doing my baking and of now, u would be laughing at my puny tiny kitchen....thanks for the visit


i like your name....remind me of the ever beautiful Stapheni Powers...m not talented as the wanting to cook only came a few years ago....and thanks for your visit and do come by again...

U.Lee said...

Hello Zaitgha, wow, looks like a tornado passed by your place, ha ha. Just kidding.
You are a true, lovely housewife...having a kitchen upgraded. A wife like you, a lovely one too doesn't grow on trees nowadays.
You know, when I want to learn about a woman, (this old days) and one can really learn about a, take a peek in her kitchen. That kitchen will tell one more things, then she dare mention. ha ha.
Clean, tidy, lots of tins, whatever all over the place, her sink taps never seen Vim, or well, you know what I mean. Her spice bottles, her kinds of pots and pans and one big giveaway is the number of knives, if realy good quality ones, ahhhh, no need to ask about her cooking. Ha ha.
I have had SYT's (sweet young things) who told me, "Lee, I cook for you at home and invites me over.
Ahaa, I purposely arrive half hour early, give excuse was nearby...tengok dia masak or her mother doing it. Ha ha. Or dia buka packet or tin. Couple of times made their mothers chabut off from the kitchen, ha ha.
But you know what?
Being a big buaya old days, chasing SYT's every state, I instead was caught and trapped by a woman...she did not play fair, hit me in my tummy!
She really gorgeous, saw and knew I had several SYTs I was dating, she discreetly enquired from friends about my food preferences etc...then one day invited me over.
She had secretly learned from her girlfriends I might purposely pop in early to see if SYT really doing the cooking or mom helping.
She invited me, "Lee, why don't you come early, help me in the kitchen". Wa, my secret plan got backfired!
She not only made my favourite dishes that night, BUT! put a glass of iced coffee next to me.
Holy Smoke! She sure didn't play fair...It cost me almost a month's salary buying bouquets of orchids to send to my other SYTs saying 'goodbye' to them...I married her!
And never a day passes I don't hold her hands, honest!
She is one lady among 12 million! Why? All, and I mean ALL! of my friends wives....they will pinch or get upset if their husbands look at SYT's passing by, let alone masuk blogs.
My isteri? She laughs and I even show her some of the lovely ladies, you one of them, your blogs. I am retired, so she says to her lady friends, "at least I see him home, not galavanting somewhere with an SYT"! Ha ha.
She also says, "the day Lee stops looking or teasing ladies, thats the day I wear black. I met him as a rascal, I will not change him today".
Zaitgha, how not to love a woman like that?
You have a nice day, Lee.
ps, have replied your comment in my longhouse.

Jun :) said...

renovating ur house zaitgha? i dream to have a bigger kitchen one day (dreaming dulu la...)...nnti boleh try mcm2 la pas ni eh!

kina said...


Put up a signboard Big big some more

"Kesulitan sekarang adalah untuk keselesaan anda di masa hadapan", if not, you kidnap those that they put up along the highways now, together with the guy yang waving the flag tu. kekekekekeeee

So, we have to puasa now izit?

Selamat bersabar...



boleh offer cookery classes, kaan?
nanti, jemput kita ke sana-lah bila dah siap....

zaitgha said...

your words are very flattering and i thank you.

mmg kena dream dulu la he he

tak ler puasa, kedai makan banyak he he

not good enough to conduct cooking class, but you are welcomed for homecooked meals though...