Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Lunch dishes on Sunday

Syawal just ended and so were the many open houses. We were eating Raya food on all weekends during Raya right up until last Saturday night . So on Sunday lunch the gulai chili api daging, rebus pucuk ubi and the sambal belacan tasted heaven to me. The papadom and bulleyes fried egg were for my youngest son. Not to say the Raya food was not tasty, just that when eating the same food almost daily for about a month, you tend to get tired of them right??


azian_hasan@yahoo.com.my said...

Sedapnya..rasa nak pergi makan sekali.hi...hi..

Zawi said...

For a change, something simpple is definitely good. I can just make do with ulams and ikan bakar tawar dipped in budu with cili padi and tempoyak.
Two days ago I manage to get fresh ikan tengalan which I cooked asam pedas ala Johor. I forgotto put in the tempoyak, nevertheless it still tasted good.
I will post a blog on that since I have taken photos of it.

zaitgha said...


bole ajer if you ever in Seremban

Pak Zawi,

I always love ulams and kampung style food, but i dont eat fresh water fish(ikut arwah abah ler nih)...talking abt tempoyak, my late mum sambal tempoyak was to die for...hers daun2 must be at least 21 types of daun then only she will cook the sambal tempoyak...now i can only managed 3 - 4 types ( tak kenal daun actually)....sighhh

maklang said...

oh kat sini rupanya another cozy corner ye...

sodap masak gulai lomak tu, letak pulak belimbing buloh jeruk..
btw, thanks for dropping bye at maklang's!