Thursday, November 29, 2007

A few dishes before the kitchen temporarily closed.....

Just sharing a few dishes here cooked before my kitchen closed for a few weeks. Hopefully not more than 2 weeks. The mess around my house is terrible but gotta make do until the work is completed. As some of you know that I am a KLite, born and bred there. My husband's parents are here. After we got married both of us stayed in KL as we were working in KL. We still keep our apartment in KL and anyone interested in renting one can get in touch with me. I will post the pictures of the apartment later.

We bought this house in 1997 and rented it out until 2005 when at first we decided to make this house our weekend house as my kids were with my in laws since beginning of the same year. But after a few months of being away from the kids we decided to move here and commuting daily to work. We had started to just made tiny little changes to the kitchen and the bath rooms fittings, so we let that be. But now that i am a stay home mum and love fussing in the kitchen i think a little bit more space might make me more comfortable.

Bubur som som or lompat tikam.
Not quite sure the name of this yummy dessert. This dessert is the combination of coconut milk, rice flour, light coconut milk and pandan juice with a bit of salt and a teaspoon of lime water for the green layer. My green is not so bright as i just do not have the heart to use food coloring in our local food. The white layer consist of similar ingredients minus the pandan juice and the the use of thicker coconut milk. Cook on small fire, stir often until you get a shiny and thicker paste for the green layer first and put in the small containers, then cook the white layer and pour it on top of the green layer. Let it cool down to room temperature and keep in the fridge for a while. Pour brown sugar syrup to enjoy this dessert.

Lemak putih sawi dan ikan tenggiri goreng chili
(Coconut grayv spinach and chili fried Spanish mackere)

For the vege, i used 100gms thick coconut gravy, added in 1/2 cup water, 3 shallots - sliced, 1 red chili - sliced and a tablespoon dried shrimp. Add all in one pot and cook until boiling, add in salt to taste. Stir often to avoid curdle.

Rub some salt and tumeric powder on the cleaned fish, and deep fried. Put aside. Heat a bit of oil in a wok, throw in chili paste with blended 3 onions and garlic. Put in slices of one big onion and 3 tables spoon tamarind water. Salt to taste and put in the fried fish. Let it simmer on high heat for 5 minutes. These 2 dishes go very well with hot white rice...hmmmm yum yum

Tumis kobis dan daging masak halia
(Stir fry cabbage and beef ginger)

As for the vege, 1/4 cut of whole medium cabbage - sliced, 2 garlics - sliced, 3 red onions - slice, 1/2 in ginger - sliced, 1 red chili - sliced, 1 tbspoon dried anchovy or dried shrimps, 2 tbspoon oil.
Heat oil and throw in everything except the cabbage together with salt to taste. Then add in the cabbage and stir just a few more minutes. I like my vegetables crunchy not mushy.

Beef ginger, 400 - 500 gms beef sliced thinly. 3 inch young ginger sliced, 4 garlics finely chopped, 1/2 cup water, 2 tblspoon oyster sauce, 1 tsp cornstarch mixed with 1 tbs water and a few straws of green onions chopped about an inch long.
Heat oil in a wok, fry chopped garlic until fragrance, throw in the beef and the ginger and stir, put in the oyster sauce and water, stir a few minutes and pour in the cornstarch mixture and throw in the green onions.


Akmal said...

You sure know how to make a person in diet drool out saliva, don't you?
I am not on diet, and I guess I can eat heheh.

Ummi said...

Hai Zaitgha, tq for dropping by at my house, how please i am..wah ur dishes also make me drool hehe..yum yum..

MamaFaMi said...

Rimas kan kalau orang ada buat kerja pembinaan/renovation kat rumah. Tapi tu la, nak gak dapur kenalah bear all that for the time being. I hope my hubby is done with renovations. Tak laratlah lantai dan segalanya berhabuk!

kina said...


Bila you nak pindah rawang? Rumah sebelah i ni kosong tau!

I beli mangkuk tingkat sesiap tunggu u pindah.


Lagi satu Zai, I'm sure you know how to make custard pudding kan? yang makan with the susu sauce tu and fruit cocktail...

share your recipe boleh?


zaitgha said...


you dont need to be on diet dear, and i will have a beep for you later ha ha ha......


dont drool eh...nanti your screen will get wet


yer la tapi tolerate la kitchen sebelum nih tersangat2 la kenit...your kitchen undergoing renovation too? sekapal la kita


rasanyer tak kot pindah ke Rawang....weekend apt i di Setapak KL...but i selalu lalu rawang day nanti i singgah, boleh?

about the custard pudding tuh, i'll check nanti....

Jun :) said...