Saturday, October 27, 2007

Look.....who i was with

If only this lovely lady knew how i must had felt before i met her in person in a beautiful afternoon today, she would be laughing her head off.....i think. Honestly, when i told my other half about the invitation to her lunch last week, first thing came out from him was, are you sure you wanna go??....i almost chickened out until i received a reminder from her....ooppsss, i was so nervous i have to bake something to de-stress ha ha ha...

Kinda surprised that she was smaller than she looked in TV3 a few days earlier, i guessed what she said about how tv screen added pounds on her were very true....when finally we found the address given and there she was smiling and greeting us warmly. I saw a few bloggers but i could only recognised Rocky Bru. From under the tent I could see Pak Samad talking with a few people. Caught sight of our Information Minister leaving the house.


Azian Hasan said...

Alamak, i was supposed to be there too. But Mior was working yesterday, memang tak ada rezeki la....sedih



it was really really nice of you to come all the way from seremban. I'm so sorry that you couldnt find your way earlier.

Zai.... thank you so so much for the DELICIOUS chocolate chip muffins.
remember my sister, Kak Olin, wanted to keep it all in the kitchen?
Hmmm tamak nye dia.
Tak lama-lah. Sebab tak baik nak tamak2kan? So, she served them on a plate. Tak lama the muffins remained on the plate.
HABIS...its true what they say. well almost -- all "sold-out" like "hot muffins".
No, Zai, the guests were not being nice about it. memang sedap. nasib baik i dapat rasa satu. it was so delicious, my eyes rolled...

I am glad we finally met.
Thank you for coming, Zai.
Hope we meet again.


tumpang lalu, zai.

Dear Yan,

salam to Mior and your daughters.

I know. Mior texted me, kata dia kerja.
Yan... Raya sebulan, tau...

Take care.

zaitgha said...


no need to be day we go mengopikan ngan Mdm Nuraina ek...


just to tell you that we did not get lost going to your dad's place that day...we were still on the highway when i called you for the landmark just to ensure what we thought of where the address is was correct...btw, sampai pun

wahh...sampai your eyes rolled?? ha ha ha i tot only baby did that when he enjoys certain food...glad you like it...nanti kita rasa flavor lain pulak ek...

Zawi said...

Congratulations for being photographed with my favourite journalist. You brought your chocolate chip muffins for her too. Is it possible to buy the muffins online? If the Lady says its good it must be very good.