Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Cookies, cookies, cookies everywhere.....

Baby: Mama, mama tak takut ker kena makan dgn cookie monsters?
Moa: Aahhh?
Baby: Tak der la baby tengok banyak nyer cookies, nanti tiap-tiap bungkus cookies tu jadi monsters and makan mama nanti.
Moa: (Burst out laughing...ha ha ha...)kalau each packets jadi monsters habih la mama

One of the conversation i had with my youngest boy yesterday. He had been watching me baking batches of cookies and must be wondering why as Raya is still a long way to go. First two batches the boys would come and ate a few pieces but after yesterday i guess they gotten quite sick of eating the cookies....
Quite awhile since i last updated this blog, been buzy baking cookies as I had agreed to be involved with charity drive in Petaling Jaya this coming weekend. I will be selling 2 varieties of chocolate cookies and some muffins and cupcakes. Anyone of you staying around the area do do drop by at this charity event here, Bangunan Dato Sri Lim Bock Seng, SJK (C) Sg Way on Sat-Sun, 11 - 12 Aug. from 10 am - 6 pm . If any one of you wants details for this event email me at this address