Sunday, August 16, 2009

All ended well ...... so i thought

My younger brother was discharged from HUKM last week, and now hes in the border of Thailand - Cambodia, getting goods for his Bundle businesses. So, hes doing just fine, Alhamdullillah....those who are into Bundle goodies, you can visit his store in Chow Kit and Danau Kota. If you need direction, feel free to contact me.

However, the older brother though he was discharged a day after the other brother from Ampang P**te*i , he was re-admitted 2 days ago. I pray he would be ok in a few days and would be able to start the Ramadhan with the family this coming Saturday. Since my dad passed on, this brother is our strenght and our point of reference.

I had one interesting order of cupcakes this week. Handed over the cuppies to the customers on Friday evening infront of KTM station. I just love to see her face expression when she saw the decorated cuppies. I really hope they enjoy looking and eating these cupcakes. When i was told of the theme, and send a few pictures of cupcakes for reference, i wondered if i could come up with the deco. So, i browsed the net but i didnt find the how i figured out myself he its the right way of doing it or not i am quite happy with the outcome.
This is chocolate cheesecake with chocolate ganache for engagement hantaran(gift).

Made local savory kuih karipap for tea last week.

The boys' favorite dish, Shrimp in serai sauce.

One of hubby favorite dish, Lemak Cili Api Telur itik with pucuk ubi and belimbing buluh......


Uncle Lee said...

Hello Zaitgha, first of all, x'cuse my ignorance. But what is 'bundle business'?
Never heard of that.

Alamak, betul torture la datang sini....your curry puffs look soooooo sinfully deliciously! 5 pieces will do me well, ha ha.
Your hubby lucky man, ta'paya pergi kedai makan, rumah sendiri ada gourmet cook.

I bet bila dia eat out will say, "isteri saya best", ha ha.
Have a great week, Lee.

ms hart said...

Zai, the serious one first aaa - your bro - really hope he'll be just fine, ok?

Now the kelakar part - the cuppies deco!! Wowie...tergelak-gelak I tengok the zoomed pics! Ada kuasaaaaa you buat bikini bagai!!! You are a sport lah!!

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Zaitgha, re your comment my pondok....hey, I never saw your callsign.
Only tiga bloggers but none from you.
Besides, YOU are one of my longest friends and always value your comments.

I always appreciate your valued comments Zaitgha....
I suspect maybe my Blog or your side ada hiccups.
Did not see your callsign at my Blog Immigration checkpoint...and for you always the Green lane, ha ha.
Senang datang, saya arrange kumpang group, ha ha. Lee.

bella said...

Glad that one of your brothers dah sihat, hope that your other brother will recover fast as well Kak.
yang cupcakes tu, kawan I pulak lagi teruk penah order cupcakes with the theme voluptuous you can imagine la kann...
Kak, kecur air liur tgk the lauk2, especially lemak paku telur itik n belimbing buluh....yummy...

Blogger said...

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