Sunday, March 30, 2008

Bread making at Amore - E Bake

Whenever i browsed the internet, after reading the news and a few socio politics blogs, of course i would blog hopped to food blogs.....oh my, i could spend hours in front my lappy and just reading and watching wonderful food creation from these much as i love baking, i have been shying away to make bread as i thought its a very time consuming process. However, after so many luscious looking bread from the many blogs i visited, i went to learn bread making yesterday. I was very pleased that i went. Reasons being, as i always believe that women make better manager because we excel in multi tasking. We are very good at prioritizing, and after the class, bread making should be easy to handle. Furthermore the modern technology give us the gadgets like mixer and kitchen digital scale to lighten up the task.

Some dough with lovely red bean paste.(my favourite). With many first timers, we can see so many shapes and sizes of small bread here he he he....i dont know which were mine also...

It takes about 5 hours for this process to complete but the longest time was letting the dough to prove for at least 4 hours, the rest was another half hour to shape the dough and around the same time to bake the bread in the oven. This is where our planning skill come to the picture he between, we can do a lot of other things like cooking lunch, fetch the kids from school, clean the house or just lepak and browsing the net ha ha ha.......

these are the favorite of the kids, the hot dog rolls
I had fun learning not only making bread, on the way home i tried to figure out a schedule for the day if i decided to make the bread for my boys he he. And i tell you, the taste is yummilicous. I learned to make this lovely bread at Amore E-Bake at Pusat Komersial Oakland II, Seremban. Many more classes are scheduled here for next month until May.

Friday, March 21, 2008

what a week.....

Delivered this set of cupcakes to Tman Bukit Chedang just after 4.00 in the afternoon. Orange flavors butter cupcakes with chocolate butter cream topping. I had a good day today. Woke up in the morning, had breakfast and leisurely baked the cupcakes which came out as in the above picture. It was therapeutic for me. I had the kitchen all to myself. The cupcakes came out from the oven at 11.45 am, let the be in the tray while i changed my t-shirt. Then put the cupcakes nicely on the rack for them to cool completely before i iced them as per customer request. Covered them and i went to fetch my boys from school.
This week was so far quite hectic for me. On Tuesday, after doing my weekly thorough cleaning of my cooking stove, I browsed the net. Then i received a call from my father in law, his voice was low i told him to speak up, then i realised something was wrong when he went quite. I waited as slowly he told me that he had difficulties breathing. I felt my stomach shrinking as though i was at the highest part of a roller coaster going down.....i quickly told him to wait for me as i quickly looked for the car keys and left for his house. First time I had to rush someone to ER and it was not a pleasant ride. While waiting for my father in law, i worried about my son in school who was waiting for me to fetch him fil was admitted and i only left for home at 7.00 pm that day....i rushed home to cook dinner and i slept at 11.00 pm. That was an early night for me.
The next day, while reading the day before Star, a call came in from my hubby. His first words were "bad news la"...huhh! my heart was thumping hard...." I lost my wallet" ...heissshhh with my FIL in the hospital i told him off for using the bad news words.....with not a cent with him, i got ready in a flash to drive to KL to fetch him. 2 minutes in the car the phone rang again, not a familiar voice but very welcoming news. The caller found my hubby's wallet, tried to call him but no answer. So he decided to try the next number.....called the hubby to call the good samaritan as he was waiting at Kelang Bus station. I was relief and made a u-turn to come home. Glad that Thursday was a public holiday and Friday with the cupcakes order, i managed to cool myself down for a quite weekend...hopefully

My version of spicy baked chicken for dinner last week. Simple tuna salad went very well with this baked chicken.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Pizza for dinner......

Bake this pizza awhile ago, following one of my favorite cooking book by Chef Wan, titled "Sedapnyaaa.... Hidangan Kegemaran Chef Wan". I love most of the recipes in this book. I followed the recipes exactly and the pizza came out very delicious.....look here of my earlier apprehension of making pizza. Pizza seems to be everyone favorite in my house.

A slice of pizza

With the recipes i got 2 pieces of very large pizzas, and of course it went very well with very cold coke he he....discretion needed here......

Monday, March 10, 2008

Happy Birthday darling.......

Friday morning around 6.45 am. The actions were fast paced. My 2 1/2 year old toddler was fast asleep and strapped securely in his car seat at the back. I was already in the passenger seat while the hubby was locking the front door and i felt like going to the bathroom. My due date was 2 weeks away. Quickly i got my hubby to hold on and i went into the house and to the bathroom. Oooppss..i saw 2 drops of blood ......went into the bedroom and grabbed the pre-packed bag and told the hubby we could not go to work that day. We send my first born to the baby sitter and drove straight to the hospital. With the weekdays traffic along Jalan Gombak, we reached the hospital about 9.00 am. Checked into the hospital and thanking God that the doctor was already in. He did his stuff and by 10.00 that morning, i could hear my 2nd son screaming his lung out to the world. I heard soft shaken azan recited by my hubby beside me and i could see his teary eyes. Then he showed me the most adorable ugly baby in the whole world. He had Bart Simpson's styled dark hair, 2 huge eyes with tiny little baby wrinkles around them, flat nose like the father and i just cried of joy. That was 12 years ago on 8th of March 1996, Muhd. Zulfarhan came to the world. He was an easy baby and by 3 months old his 2 dimples were very noticeable. He is the joker in the house and the most active.

The birthday boy making face to the birthday cake on 9th last Sunday as Saturday was a voting day. I knew i had a lot to do for this birthday do but i just could not sleep without knowing the GE results. I ended up going to bed only after 3 am on Sunday.

Football theme birthday cupcakes by groggy mum ha ha ha. By the time everything was over, i just fell flat on the bed for an hour. I woke up to the maghrib azan and i thought i dreamed the whole thing which happened that day.

simple spread of food, lighted 12 candles and yellow sticky rice with chicken rendang

the kids enjoying the food

Monday, March 3, 2008

I am mad and pissed off........people just never learn

My Monday morning started well enough today until i came out from one Petronas station and saw this car. In there was a little girl all alone and the car engine was running!!! Can you imagine that? This car was parked at the rightest end of the parking space and just beside the main road. What if a few young chaps after looking at the car and with engine running decided to steal it? Opportunity was there......I do not know how long the car was left like that...what if some sicko after seeing the cute girl decided to take her away.....thinking all of these made me waited until the father of the girl came out from the store and got into the car instead of just left to continue doing my errand for the day...i had to assume that the man who got into the car is the little girl's father as the girl was smiling at him......i dont know.......i left the gas station fuming mad at some parents still taking their kids' safety for granted....sheessshhhh!!!