Monday, March 17, 2008

Pizza for dinner......

Bake this pizza awhile ago, following one of my favorite cooking book by Chef Wan, titled "Sedapnyaaa.... Hidangan Kegemaran Chef Wan". I love most of the recipes in this book. I followed the recipes exactly and the pizza came out very delicious.....look here of my earlier apprehension of making pizza. Pizza seems to be everyone favorite in my house.

A slice of pizza

With the recipes i got 2 pieces of very large pizzas, and of course it went very well with very cold coke he he....discretion needed here......


Azian Hasan said...

How are you?
My kids and my mum pun suka pizza.Your pizza nampak sedap and crispy la. Anyway, Chef Wan punya cookbook are still my fav. Siap balut lagi.Through experiences, resipinya boleh pakai, maknanya tak menipu kan, agree?