Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Makcik bloggers meeting...

I know its rather late but its better late than never ya......and apology for keeping quite after the meeting. Monday morning my boys and i left for PD as my sisters had made a booking for our year end gathering. And too bad the place where we stayed do not has the internet backward kan?...i was very anxious as i couldn't blogs hopping to read about everybody's take on that wonderful meeting. Today i reached home and thought of doing mine after dinner, but i was told that i had a kenduri to attend to.
Mostly who was at the Makcik Bloggers meeting on Sunday had put up what had happened during that few hours of laughter, shrieks, and everything else . As such, I don't have much to add about the meeting itself.

I would like to say thank you so much to Mrs. Nordin for making this meeting happened and for the pretty mug.
I was glad i had Ms. Hart to cover my nervousness when we made the entrance but fortunately we were the first 2 to arrive there ha ha ha.....
I sat beside kak Ezza whom i admire for her full of zest takes on whatever topic she writes in her blog.
Mdm. Tai Tai, the shawl that you gave is just so lovely.
Thanks for the efforts and the time on the lovely bag Ummi365.
The muffins were just lovely Principal.
Busybody, Bella, Kay, Tireless mum, Wanshana, Superwoman, and Ibu, thanks for the most wonderful time.
Ms. Hart (thanks for keeping me company) was sitting in the passenger seat in my small black old car all the way to R n R Seremban, and there i had a pleasure meeting her big Mr. Sor and small Mr. Sor....
When i reached the house, the boys big and small, grilled me of what happened and who give what and etc etc.....even before going to sleep i was still telling the hubby about the meeting. Really hope to see all of you again soon......i only have a few pictures of the meeting as i was so engrossed listening and talking to all of you...
Ummi, TM, Mrs.N, Principal(cant see the face) and K. Ezza
Busybody, Mdm Tai Tai, Ummi and Kak Ezza's fingers?
Superwoman, Ms hart
Wanshana, superwoman
Kay, Ibu and Bella


wanshana said...


I think all of us were nervous initially, until all ice melted and all hells broke loose lepas tu! Hahaha!

Wish I had more time to sit down and chat with you especially dalam mengorek rahsia on how you're so terror in baking cakes and cookies and cupcakes and segala macam dishes. Insya Allah masa our next get together, okay? ;)

Take care, and enjoy the holidays! :)

MrsNordin said...

I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. See you again soon!

kay_leeda said...


Yup, like wanshana I pun nak get tips on baking. Baru nak berjinak-jinak getting close to the oven ni.

Next round, we sit together gether ok. Glad you had a good time :)

Ezza Aziz said...

salam Zai..akak pun suka dapat kenal you. You ni something la zai..tabik spring kat you ni...boleh buat pc ni sesuatu yang mendatang kan duit...Syabas..

Akak email Azimah dan suruh dia bukak blog akak tgk wajah wajah yang dia kenal...dia rasa dia kenal yang pakai baju biru tu...rasa nya macam anak pakcik Ghani kan sebab anak pakcik tu badan dia tinggi2 dan besar tak macam kami ni yang kemetot jer...

ms hart said...

Zai!! Phewwhh..glad you are back from PD and managed to write about the meet! You know lah the kiasu in me was thinking - sure the rest ingat, I dah stressed you to the max on the way to Sban so much so you just couldn't come out with anything nice to say about the get together!!! LOL!

Thanks to YOU for driving me 'half home' that day!! hehe

Ummi365 said...

It's nice to meet someone from the old school.. too bad our school dah jadi the happening place..

next time boleh buat baking class.. i nak sign up jugak..

tireless mom said...

Dear Zai

One of those times that we, makcik bloggers meet, can you do a kelas memasak for us?

Invaluable pics, moi tengah menyuap dengan sedapnya.