Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thought school time is over for me ........

Salam everyone.....1001 apology for being so quite this past 2 weeks. I am getting naturally blonde soon at the rate things are going at my home ha ha ha.....I am sitting for PMR this week and tomorrow is the last day....cant the same time taking primary year 4 final exams. And i thought i would be done with school after 1989 ha ha ha....

Then the mating season has just started. Best part is, i just secured a request for Feb 2009 wedding order ....I salute the bride-to-be for the early preparation and i cant imagine how stressful for her as she has to take care for the groom-to-be preparation too. Her fiance is from outstation. It makes my job easy though as i could planned my schedules around the kids' activities and at the same time give the customers the best of services and products...cewah....macam real ha ha ha...but i do take this part time job of mine very seriously, give me real satisfaction when people especially strangers appreciate my efforts.

Here is my local version of fried pasta.....the children love it. If any one care to try here are the ingredients and how to;

500 gm of pasta (spagethi, macaroni or anything you fancy) - boil in lightly oiled boiling water - al dente then strain
blended dry chili ( chili boh if store bought) - amount depends how hot you want it
250 gms minced beef ( i used Ramlee nyer )
2 cups tomato sauce (mine was Kimball in the packet)
3 garlic - finely chopped
2 yellow big onion - finely chopped
2 medium potato - diced ( best to use russets)
1 capsicum
1/2 small head cauliflower
1/2 small head broccoli
1 medium carrot
2 eggs
1/2 cup of water (eye ball ya, kalau rasa daging tu blum betul masak tambah sikit lagi)
olive oil ( minyak cap Labor boleh gak)

Heat oil (kalau olive oil dont heat it too long), fry the onion and garlic for a few minutes, add in the blended chili and fry until fragrance...add in the beef and the water and let it simmer...add in the the tomato sauce, stir and throw in the potatoes and when it half cooked throw in all the vege, stir and after a few minutes add in the pasta, stir and break the 2 eggs mamak style....stir again and serve hot a few minutes later......

This is coconut candy which was so very popular during Food Sale when i was in secondary school ages ago he he....recipe from one of the RASA magazine which i just cannot find ( later if i did, i post the recipe if anyone interested).


azian said...


I hope you will post the coconut candy recipe. I't really remind me of zaman dulu-dulu, resipiI dah hilang dah...teringin pulak nak makan.

Your day must be very stressfull during the pmr exam week, kan? Bila anak-anak yang periksa, kita lagi tak tentu arah kan. Btw, best of luck to ur son!

merpati66 said...

salam geng, bila lee kita dpt beraya bersama ya, asyik bz sokmo ajee kita nie tau...ummhh

Min said...

Zai, caya lah, business 2009 pun dah secure ! Anyway, thanks for dropping by yesterday.

Jun said...

opps! Zai...long time ago ni mkn coconut candy..but i still can remember how it taste..hehe. u buat k? mintak yg u punyer aje la..heeee

zaitgha said...


when i find the magazine i will post the recipe for you....i had relay you wish to my son and he said thank you...


tu lah, kita suruh sms bila sampai rumah pun tak der so takut nak call....


tu la and senang nak plan kan? and can get the bekas2 early so kalau price increase tak ler affected sgt...u know how the things get dearer by the day...and the pleasure was all mine as i got to enjoy the nice food and beautiful practical kitchen of yours....thanks you from all of us...


kalau ada lagi memang no prob lah he he.....thanks for visiting