Saturday, August 16, 2008

i am a bad speller baker ha ha ha.....

I was told a few weeks ago by my younger brother that his wife had completed her PhD in something-something....Sorry Zis, i just cannot remember the whole thing. He had also mentioned about having a thanksgiving do and tahlil on 14th August. At first i just wanted to used edible picture for the cake but some technical problem arise i ended up swirling yellow rosettes and tried basket weave on the side of the heart shaped chocolate moist cake. Confidently i piped the words on the cake and my writing as usual suck ha ha ha......and to my horror i realized i spelled both words wrongly, even her name. Sorry Izah, didn't mean it. I quickly amended by covering the wrong spelling with fondant plaque with "Congratz Dr. Izah". I didnt get to take a picture as i was running late. I also baked tiny vanilla cupcakes with butter cream frosting and small fondant flowers on top.


Min said...

takpe's the thought that counts, janji sedap :)

boxhousestudio said...

betul tu min...tapi kelakor le jadinya...he he

merpati66 said...

biasa lee tu geng, wa pun ada terkena jugak dah siap cookies dah pack baru tahu nama tersilap nak kata aper ..hehehe

zaitgha said...


kalau ikut feedbacks, sedap la kek tuh but malu jugak he he


funny ek??


kena juga u ya? thought i jer yg ntah apa2